Rotary Club of Kerrville, Texas                  Chartered February 26, 1926                               District 5840

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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Kerrville!


Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 11:45 AM
Inn of the Hills
1001 Junction Hwy
Kerrville, TX  78028-4913
United States
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Kristy makes announcements
and send a very special thanks to Denise LeMeilleur for single-handedly decorating all the tables in the room for Valentines Day.
then Kristy announced the bottle of wine winner who had his pin on Danny Wheat. Congrats Danny
 Crystal still on point as Master of Ceremony introduces the players
Kellie & Kenneth Early, Rosalie & David Reast & Denise & David LeMeilleur.
 A special thanks goes to the constants that surly the audience enjoyed immensely.
First the Men were ask to leave
And the Ladies were ask questions
Then it was the men's turn
then the all got to compare answers.
Rosalie & David Reast won by a nose. If you were not in attendance you missed a great show.
Our Master of Ceremony Crystal Introduces Rosalie
 Rosalie told her side of the story of the meeting between her & David. David had told his side last year. We all enjoyed  the story from start to finish. Several times the entire audience was laughing almost to tears.
Kristy opens the meeting with her usual flare.
 Charlie introduces members with guest & guest
 a very special guest Laura Scherer the winner of the $20,000 Super Ball raffle.
 We knew is was a special day when we walked in. Two Ladies
Denise LeMeilleur and Stephane Miller
were handing our cookies for all the gentlemen & a single rose for all the Ladies. Way to go Ladies
Becky Dinnin, Executive Director for The Alamo Endowment, addressed the club regarding the current plan - known as the Alamo Master Plan, to preserve the 1836 Alamo battlefield.
Becky is a sixth generation Texan and a direct descendant of Sarah Dodson, known for sewing one of the first Texas flags.  Sarah's father, Edward Bradley, moved to Texas in 1823 as one of Stephen F. Austin's original three hundred. Sarah's husband, Archelaus, was among the early Texas volunteers when hostilities broke out with the Mexicans in the fall of 1835.  He joined Andrew Robinson in forming the Harrisburg Company of Texas volunteers.  Sarah designed a flag for the volunteers, and that flag was in San Antonio for the December 1835 siege of the city.
In referencing her proud Texas heritage, Becky also took time to honor some of the original heroes of the Alamo preservation effort. 
One such individual was Clara Driscoll, an author, politician, cattlewoman, and activist who purchased the Alamo church for $75K in 1903 (and was later reimbursed by the state in 1905).  She also lobbied the state for $84K to purchase land behind the Alamo church for the Alamo park - now the 1936 gardens.  She is also responsible for building the Alamo gift shop for $50K.  For her efforts, Clara is often referred to as the Savior of the Alamo.
Another notable contributor to the Alamo preservation effort was school teacher Adina De Zavala.  When she learned of the city's plan to tear down the old Convento (long barracks) to build a hotel and park, she barricaded herself in the Long Barrack for three days with no food or water, saving the historic structure.  Adina ultimately convinced the state to protect and make the Long Barrack a part of the historic property.
Unfortunately, despite the efforts of Clara, Adina, and many others to protect and preserve the grounds of the Alamo for noble historic purposes, this is the scene you'll often see now - right on top of the hallowed ground where many defenders of the Alamo died in their fight for Texas independence.
The Alamo Master Plan attempts to take back the grounds of this historic landmark, increasing the total public space from approximately 2.7 acres to approximately 9.5 acres, placing a buffer zone between the Alamo grounds and the remaining 6 acres or so of public "1st Amendment" space.
Currently, the Alamo Master Plan proposes a few key concepts toward its goal of preserving the 1836 Alamo battlefield:
1) Preserve the Alamo Church and the Long Barracks. Texas' most treasured historic buildings are in desperate need of repair. The Master Plan proposes that preservation work begins this year, preserving the buildings as they are today, so that future generations can visit and remember.
2) Remove entertainment attractions from the 1836 battlefield. Alamo Plaza and Alamo Street, which were both part of the 1836 Alamo battlefield, are currently owned by the City of San Antonio. The plan proposes removing current entertainment attractions from the battlefield and shifting ownership and care of these battlefield areas to the State and people of Texas.
3) Close Alamo Street (which currently runs directly on top of the 1836 Alamo battlefield) to vehicle traffic.
4) Create an Alamo museum, and the world’s largest exhibit on the Texas Revolution, in the buildings currently known as the Crockett Block, located across the street from the Alamo.
5) Restore and preserve the Alamo Cenotaph, which was erected in the battlefield area in 1939 (more on this in the FAQ section below).
Additionally, Becky mentioned that the Alamo frequently appears as a vulnerable target on terrorist websites and that a major security overhaul is needed to help deter attacks from these organizations.
Economic payback on the project is expected in 6 to 10 years as there will be greater incentive for tourists and local residents alike to stay longer and visit the expanded landmark.
If you're interested, you can find out more about the project, as well as additional images and answers to frequently asked questions at the following website:
Jacque Dubose's oldest son Brennan, who is a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic, Is till having problems. Please keep him in your prayers.
Bekki Hutto's son Shane is currently deployed in Afghanistan with the United States Air force. Please keep him and all other service personal in your prayers.
Ron Blilie leads the club in the prayer and pledge.
George Eychner pays homage to the Alamo to the tune of an old Texas favorite!
2018 First Responders Luncheon:  Jeff Wendling and George Eychner have been working hard to make this year's luncheon a great success!  We will hold this special luncheon in the Conference Center Ballroom. 
If you can, please show up a little bit early (by 11:15AM) to welcome our responders as they arrive. The meeting will have a prompt 12:00 noon start.  Additionally, based on the nature of the event, we may go a little past one ‘o clock.  Please don’t walk out early on our honored guests.  Let’s let them know how much we appreciate their service!
2018 Super Ball: The 2018 Super Ball extravaganza was a smashing success.  Stay tuned for pictures and fundraising totals in next week's version of the Spoke!!
Valentine's Day Luncheon:  We already have two great Rotarians confirmed to share their love story.  If this is something that you are interested in ... please contact Crystal Dockery!  This year's luncheon actually falls on Valentine's Day - extra special!  
Odd Jobs and Unique Experiences: If you are attending an event, going on a trip, or are otherwise doing something in the near future that you think would be a memorable experience for Javi, please consider including him in your adventure. 
Also, Javi’s ready to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty to garner a little extra spending money for his time here in the states.  If you need something to get done, give Javi a call!
Lastly, we have just firmed up the times for our Rise Against Hunger and Community Food Drive.  The date is Saturday, March 3rd.  The drive up food drop off will be open from 9am-12noon.  Lots of volunteers are needed for the event, so I will be setting up an event in ClubRunner and asking all of you to RSVP from 9:45 am - 12 noon.  The event will be held at the Kerr County Youth Event Center.
Bill Crumrine became a lucky recipient of a bottle of fine wine for the second time!  Wear that pin!
Membership Chair David Jones presented us with different ways we can make-up a meeting.  Those options are listed below in David's well crafted slide:
Also, please remember - Board Meetings count as a make-up activity as well.
However, David did warn us that a gathering of two or three Rotarians at the bar does not constitute a make-up meeting!  Darn!!
Rick Assunto was ask to step in when the other guest speaker Catherine Mayfield , Rise Against Hunger had to postpone due to weather.
Rick is writing a book. This book is called They Shot my Horse but I Kept on Going.
Rick told of his days growing up in a tough neighborhood, Some of the things
he was involved in was jaw dropping. If you were not there I am sorry but you will
have to wait for the book. Or Movie?
Rick did a great job since he did not have any idea he was going to speak to the
Noon Rotary Club before he got there.
Great job Rick I am sure everyone there were on their seats the whole time as I was.
Kerrville Fire Department Lt. Troy Seewald, top,
puts his hand over his heart as the
American flag is paraded in with the colors
by Tivy High School ROTC cadet Aidan Baxter, bottom,
to lead off the Rotary Club of Kerrville's annual
1st Responders Awards luncheon at the Inn of Hills
Hotel and Conference Center.
The program for the meeting last Wednesday, Feb. 7, was a favorite of many Rotarians — the annual 1st Responders Salute, during which our membership is joined by those who serve in uniform in our community. We truly enjoy honoring the well-deserving, best of the best within their ranks.
President Kristy Vandenberg, above, led off the program,
while Charlie McIlvain, below, recognized dignitaries who
had joined us for the annual awards program.
Serving as master of ceremonies for the occasion,
and giving the proper introductions of the various
presenters during the program was Rotarian Jeff Wendling.
The program was held before a crowded conference center room full of club members, as well as honored firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics, game wardens, DPS troopers, a large gathering of their fellow servicemen and servicewomen in uniform, and, to our delight, some of their family members.
Kerr County 1st Responders
honored by the
Rotary Club of Kerrville
Kerrville Fire and EMS
Kerrville Fire Department Chief Dannie Smith, left, presents a plaque and recognizes 2017 EMS Person of the Year, Firefighter/Paramedic Ken Chambers.
Kerrville Fire Department Lt. Troy Seewald, right, is honored as the 2017 KFD Officer of the Year by KFD Chief Dannie Smith.
(Kerrville Fire Department's 2017 Firefighter of the Year award recipient, Justin Blue, a driver/paramedic, was not in attendance.)
Kerrville Police Department
Kerrville Police Department Chief David Knight took to the podium to address the Rotary Club of Kerrville and give thanks to the organization for making the time and expending the effort to honor those in uniform.
Chief Knight, left, announced that Officer Austin Beal was the recipient of the 2017 KPD Officer of the Year award.
Kerr County Sheriff's Office
Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer reported to attendees that the past year wasn't an easy one for his office, what with the closing of the juvenile detention facility,  the expansion of the county jail, the fire that happened during the expansion of the jail, the need to transport prisoners out of county to accommodate the project, and ... oh, and a whole host of criminals his department had to round up.
The sheriff recognized Sergeant William W. Callcott as the 2017 KCSO Deputy Sheriff of the Year.
Sheriff Hierholzer commended Corrections Officer Wayne D. Johnson as the 2017 Corrections Officer of the Year.
Ingram Police Department
Ingram Police Chief Byron Griffin was pleased in his second year at the helm of his department to name Sergeant Trudy Allen  as the 2017 Ingram Police Officer of the Year.
Kerr County Volunteer
First Responder
Joshua "Road" Block, left, was commended by Kerr County Commissioner Bob Reeves for saving the life of a child last year. Block was named the 2017 Kerr County Volunteer First Responder.
Texas Department of Public Safety

Department of Public Safety Senior Trooper James “Jim” Behrens, right, is recognized as 2017 Trooper of the Year by Sgt. Chris LeLonde.


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Filling in for Captain Jeff Carter, who was unavoidably absent due to illness, Major Alan Teague, left, names TPWD Game Warden V Sam C. Harris as the 2017 Game Warden of the Year.
Special Achievement Awards
Kerr County Deputy Constable Reagan W. Givens, second from right, and Deputy Constable James B. Lang, right, both who serve in the Kerr County Environmental Health and Animal Services Department were honored with  2017 Special Achievement Awards, presented at the luncheon by, from left: Kerr County Commissioners Tom Moser, Harley Belew and Bob Reeves.
Do you just LOVE
Then you will not want to miss
today's program.
Rotarian Crystal Dockery has a lineup of
stories sure to warm our hearts.
It's a perfect way to spend your
Valentine's Day lunch.
Be sure to bring your sweetheart!
Lunch starts at 11:45 a.m. at the  Inn of the Hills, 
1001 Junction Highway in Kerrville.
Use the side door for easy access and join us for 
some lovely love stories.
Want to make a difference?
Want to make our president, Kristy, SMILE?
Then be sure you wear your Rotary International pin!
An unidentified volunteer shelves books donated by Kerrville Rotarians to a school in St. Lucia.
Morning Rotary provides books to St. Lucia
The Kerrville Morning Rotary Club announced that it has provided more than 700 books and magazines to the library of the Anse La Raye Primary School on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.
The project is the brainchild of Rotarian John Aceti and his wife, Carol, who have tutored at the school in St. Lucia.
Assisting in the project were fellow Rotarians, Samantha Booth, Drew Whitehead and Laura Bechtel, who also happens to be the director of Kerrville's own Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library.
The Kerrville Morning Rotary Club wishes to thank the following for their generous donations:
• Notre Dame Catholic School and Comfort libraries, and, 
• Friends of the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library.
Additional expressions of gratitude are due to the owners of the local UPS store, Ginny and Bill Bull, and their daughter, Angela Brinkley, for their assistance.
The morning group meets at 6:45 a.m. Thursdays at The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, 201 Holdsworth Drive in Kerrville.
Scheduled to speak on Feb. 15 is Barry Wall, of Texas Rainwater Systems.
Leading the morning group are: Lew McCoy, president; Laura Bechtel,  president-elect; Jon Tilley, treasurer; Kenneth O'Neal, secretary; Frank Dunlap, sergeant-at-arms; Waverly Jones, past president, and Randy McClay, for the Rotary Foundation.
To find out more about the Kerrville Morning Rotary Club, including its calendar of speakers and projects, visit
Be sure you save the dates...
Feb. 20: The Rotary Satellite meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 20, starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Wells Fargo Building.
Feb. 28: Rotary President Kristy Vandenberg will provide a club update for our last luncheon of the month, at 11:45 a.m. at the Inn of the Hills.
And, Rotarians...don't forget to pencil in March 3!
RISE AGAINST HUNGER + COMMUNITY FOOD DRIVE will be Saturday, March 3, from 9:30 a.m. to noon.
Rotarians will be joined by Interact, Kiwanis Club and Lions Club members, as well as others, at the Hill Country Youth Event Center, 2785 Texas 27 in Kerrville to package an estimated 20,000 family meals. Bring a bag or box of groceries to help volunteers fill the shelves at:
• The Salvation Army,
• Christian Assistance Ministry,
• St. Vincent de Paul,
• First United Methodist Church, and, 
• the Veterans Center.
Need ideas on what's needed? Here's a few suggestions:
cereals, peanut butter, canned meats, canned vegetables, canned pasta, jelly, snack crackers, PopTarts, snack packs of nuts and fruit, Easy Mac and Cheese, rice packs and other non-perishable items.
Please, pursue "service above self" and join us in fighting hunger!
Need to make up a meeting?
If you find yourself needing to make up a meeting, turn to the Rotary Club of Kerrville's website — — and select the "Make Up a Meeting" tab along the top line, third from the right.
There, it lists meeting groups, times and locations in District 5480, as well as provides you with locator services for finding a make up wherever you may be in the world!
Who are your "ClubRunner" Champions?
Ever wonder who the fellow Rotarians are behind the Kerrville club's website?
Led By Sue Whinnery, the team of ClubRunner Champions — members who have been trained to use the ClubRunner software and maintain the club's website — include: Cathy Laffan, Trace McCuan, Robin Miears and Jonas Titas. 
If you would like to contact them, their emails are, in order of mention:,,, and
Additionally, some of the material found on the website is material we've featured in our weekly newsletter, Spoke.
Your Spoke team includes: Jimmy Hutto, David Martin, Paul Anderson and Lisa Walter.
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