Marta introduces our guest Ted Davis. 
From an early age he knew he wanted to be in broadcasting. He did not have a plan B. He started when he was 17. He was a disc jockey from seven to midnight. Got a gig doing playoff games for the Dallas Mavericks for 4 years. Dallas Mavericks for nine years then on to Milwaukee Bucks for 24 years.
Ted is from Lubbock. He has been in broadcasting for 50 years. He spent last 25 years with the Milwaukee Bucks in Wisconsin. Since the Bucks won the championship last year he was presented a ring
He was thinking about continuing he career but if he left now the wife and he could move back to Texas. So Texas they came. Since they were attending the Folk Festival a long while back they decided to move to Kerrville. They enjoyed the hills & river. Lubbock has neither.
As a broadcaster he had to loose his Texas accent. Now that he is back in Texas he can slip in a few words we all know. y'all, fixin and howdy.
At  Schreiner University he the voice of the university. He is teaching kids about broadcasting. There are 15 kids signed up so far. This will teach the kids how speak clearly and with the right words. This will help the kids for the rest of life.
Several folks noted that this was a great speaker and kept every ones attention.