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Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 11:45 AM
The Kerrville Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center
201 Holdsworth Drive
Kerrville, TX  78028
United States of America
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Satellite Club Meeting
Satellite Club Meeting--THIRD TUESDAY of every month
5:15 p. m. Meet and Greet, 5:30 p. m. Meeting
Red Cross Building, 333 Earl Garrett St., Kerrville
 John Forester introduces our guest Steve Stoumire
 Steve is a past president of the Hill Country Archeological Association
 In this program Steve notes the different time zones where artifacts are found.
 By doing the necessary background investigations buy experts it can be determined when the 
 Indians lived in this area.
 Some arrow points brought for review.
 We learned the difference between arrowheads and bow points
 An Atlatl to help with throwing spears. An Atlatl and a Arrow were passed around the room
 Steve noted that there were 3 major sites in Kerr County. Gatlin site ( Saddlewood entrance)
Kemosabe (.6 miles west of Gatlin) and CWR at an undisclosed location along the Guadalupe river.
 the power point is in the Story Content page below.
Bryant Truitt introduced FBI Special Agent Chris Combs, who heads up the San Antonio office. His division of the FBI encompasses sixty counties and has 500 employees. One of the biggest threat Agent Combs and his staff face is surge of active shooters, with an average of one every two weeks over the last year. 
The FBI works closely with local law enforcement wherever these events occur. Ninety eight percent of the incidents are under a local law enforcement jurisdiction, but they are often overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the crime scene. The FBI provides the ability to mobilize dozens or even hundreds of personnel to assist the sheriffs, city or county authorities in assessing the crime scene and gathering evidence.  The average time for an active shooter is just six minutes. The training in place now emphasizes the police response to come in fast and loud because a shooter will often take their own life once they realize the police have arrived. The sooner the police presence is knows, the potential for stopping the carnage increases.
The biggest take away  for the average citizen: "If you see something, say something".  We should be vigilant about looking for unusual signs in behavior that could  lead to a bad situation.
The FBI is also partnering with  Rotary to reduce human trafficking. Their main focus is on crimes against children, and also how to help the victims after they have been rescued from the trafficking situation. As with the mass shootings, law enforcement relies on tips from the public that can lead to stopping the trafficking cycle.
George Eychner led our group in the appropriate "Secret Agent Man" song  in honor of our guest speaker.
Doug Lidiak led us in the prayer and pledge to open the meeting.
District Governor John Hutcherson honored Doug and Sue Whinnery for their significant contributions to the Rotary Foundation, over a number of years.
This is a reminder for our Satellite meeting, Tuesday, November 19th at 5:30. We meet at the American Red Cross building across from the Kerr County Courthouse. Our special guest speaker is; Special Agent Jessica Triola.
This is also our Thanksgiving Potluck meeting, please plan on bringing a side/meat dish based on your last name: 
A-G    Vegetable or Meat Dish
H-R     Dessert or Meat Dish
S-Z      Dressing, Potato or Pasta or a Meat Dish
Paper products, drinks and rolls/bread etc will be provided.
Also, this is our month to do a food drive for the Veteran's Pantry. Please bring non perishable items you would use at a Thanksgiving meal, such as stuffing mixes, potato mixes, cornbread mix, can goods like cranberry, yams, green beans, corn or such. Let's do a great job for our Veteran's and have a  100% participation!
If you are not a Satellite member but need to makeup a meeting please come as our guest to this meeting. 
Make plans to be there on time so we can start our program in a timely manner.
We will also have a sign up sheet for the BLUE SANTA program for you to participate in. 
See you Tuesday :)
Denise LeMeilleur

Satellite Rotary President

Tom Terrell provided the Veterans Day program this year, as he has for a  number of years, introducing four veterans and telling a bit about their service stories.
Left to right: Rotarian Ed Hamilton, Keith Selvey, Beck Gibson, and Vernon Ollar.
Ed Hamilton was a USAF Lieutenant Colonel, and served tours in Europe and Vietnam. He flew an AC-130 cargo plane and also was a helicopter pilot. He had numerous experiences, including one time his brakes failed and he went off the end of a runway. Ed calmly backed the plane up, and later realized he had gone into a mine field at the end of the runway.  He retired in 1975 after 20 years in the Air Force, and moved to Kerrville, and has made his home here ever since.
Keith Selvey, pictured above as the captain of this high school football team, was in the infantry in the Army in WWII. He was the fourth of eleven children, and was drafted in June 1941.  By 1944 he was promoted to sergeant, and was sent to the island of New Britain. He fought the Japanese and had several close brushes with mortality, fighting out of a fox hole and spending 120 straight days in the jungle in combat.  After the war, Keith became a commanding officer in the National Guard.
Beck Gipson was a warrant officer in the US Army during the Vietnam War.  He  wanted to fly planes but ended up flying helicopters instead. Beck had several close calls including one instance where his helicopter was losing power and crash landed 100 yards from shore. He helped his companions swim to shore and later found out he had ruptured disks in his back.  
Vernon Ollar served in the US Army in World War II, achieving the rank of corporal. He was part of the D-Day invasion at Normandy, and his craft took a hit near Omaha Beach.  They hailed another craft and transferred their gear, but had to disembark in 6' of water. They improvised by using life preservers on top of their equipment to float to shore. Their first assignment was to support the Rangers, who lost sixty percent of their men.  His next duty included eleven months serving in France. Vern later returned to Normandy in 2014 and was honored  in a special memorial event.
John Civello Jr., MD is the newest member of our Rotary Club. John is a retired psychiatrist, as well as an utralight pilot and drone enthusiast.  Welcome to the club, John!
George Eychner led us in song, and Stephanie Miller led us in prayer to start the meeting last week.
 Just giving thanks to all First Responders that responded to the Incident that happened on 
 Monday night and Tuesday.
Volunteer for ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at Gibson's, starting November 30th, and continuing for four consecutive Saturdays. Just go to the our Rotary Club Website to sign up.   
Our Rotary Club has another unique speaker scheduled to speak this Wednesday.  FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs will be speaking on mass shootings and human trafficking.  His program will be longer than most.  For that reason, the buffet lunch service will be available beginning at 11:30, with our meeting beginning at 12:00.
A number of special guests will be attending this meeting.  If you plan on bringing a guest, please let Robin Miears ( or me ( know by Tuesday afternoon so we can make certain our room will accommodate the larger crowd.
Stay warm the next few days; and, we'll look forward to seeing each of you on Wednesday.
  Bill Muldoon told us about his journey in Rotary. His favorite or most memorable was saving one child. He was in Nicaragua and the orphan children were unsupervised. They were called the 
dump children. One was put in a host family and learned English and went to College.
 This family is waiting for next truck. This preacher helped the boy Juan.
  Kristy open with telling her journey up the ranks of becoming a Rotarian. Then she
introduced Stephanie Miller. 
 Stephanie to us about her trip for 6 weeks and showed picks
 With the help of Denise LeMeilleur , John Forister , & Jimmy Hutto candies were placed on all the tables. We even had some sugar free candy for those who preferred.
 The Gang getting ready to start.
 Carol Holmes exchanged a banner from her visit to the Rotary club in West Jordan Utah.
Bruce McKenzie introduced our speaker and fellow Rotarian Ron Blilie, who talked about the landing on the moon in 1969. In addition to being a highly sought after flight instructor, Ron has some first hand experience as part of the team of engineers on the Apollo missions who helped get the first man on the moon.
The strategy that was developed was the Lunar Orbit Rendezvous, where a main spacecraft and smaller lunar lander travel to lunar orbit.   The lunar lander then independently descends to the moon, completes the mission, and then returns to lunar orbit to rendezvous and re-dock with the main spacecraft.
A simulator was developed to test what it would be like to land on the moon, which has just 1/6 the gravitational force of the earth. Over one hundred test flights were performed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, and the design was gradually refined to achieve the final spacecraft that went to the moon. There were some close calls along the way in testing, with Neil Armstrong having to eject once from the simulator.
The lunar lander was designed so that a computer would guide the actual landing on the moon, but in all six flights, the astronauts guided the craft in manually. On the first mission to the moon, the proposed landing site was missed slightly, and Neil Armstrong saw boulders the size of VWs, so he manually guided the lunar lander to the surface.
Thank you, Ron, for your work on the missions, and for sharing your story.
  Dennis Glenewinkel Introduces our guest Jeannie Slupik.
 Jeannie spoke about her experiences as a Guardian for the Veterans.
  They take like 40 vets on a trip twice a year, to Washington DC to see memorials.
  Rules are every vet get a guardian and must have a wheelchair all the time. When ask     if they could go see other exhibits, she then read their timeline for trip. They barley 
  had time to complete the mission.
 Pete Ryson veteran of several wars, shown in picture came in and shared with us a video.
Carol Holmes led off the meeting with the prayer and pledge.
    George led us in the Grand Old Flag song, in honor of our speaker.
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