Bill Groneman was a captain in the New York City Fire Department on September 11, 2001. That was his day off, and he had been for a walk on the beach, but soon after he left he found out there was a disaster in progress and made it to the fire station. His unit then was dispatched to a command post on the east side of the collapse zone.
The smoke and dust were intense, and made for a surreal experience, especially when he saw a jet engine sitting on the corner of a street. He and many others worked for days on the rubble and debris pile left from the collapse, first in rescue mode, and then in recovery operation.
Bill also displayed a unique look at photos from 911, and famous pieces of art that evoked similar emotions of the tragedy, anguish and disbelief from both witnesses and firefighters.
Bill has written a book titled "September 11- A Memoir" about his first hand account in the aftermath of 911.  He is an accomplished writer, and has also written several books on the Alamo.