Posted by Paul Anderson on Sep 04, 2019
Our very own U.S. Representative Chip Roy (21st District of Texas) took time out of his busy schedule to speak to the club last Wednesday.  He tackled tough topics including border security, health care, job creation, gun control and other highlights of certain legislation currently up for consideration on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Chip emphasized that American's are great, and are still capable of achieving great things - as long as Washington keeps out of the way!  He also shared his opinion that a lack of communication and neighborly respect for one another is a major reason why we have the divisiveness we have today, and that its time to slow down, say hello and break bready with our neighbors. 
Chip also spoke about his recent bi-partisan trip to Israel, and about the privilege of walking where Jesus once walked and standing in the exact spot Jesus once stood to help the blind see.  He also spoke of the dangers facing the country (and region) today, and that Israel depends on the United States, now as much as ever, to tackle these substantial challenges.
Chip is a former federal prosecutor and the former chief of staff to Senator Ted Cruz.  He also spent time outside of the political arena as an investment banking analyst, a technology consultant, and as a counsel in the Oil & Gas industry, as well as the Vice President of Strategy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  Chip currently serves on the Budget, Oversight, and Veterans Affairs committees and is the Ranking Member of the Oversight Committee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.  See more about Chip at
President Charlie presents a certificate as a thank you to Congressman Roy.