Carolyn Northcutt
Rotarian Carolyn Northcutt introduced Edna Vandiver, the Executive Director of the Christian Women's Job Corp. CWJC was established in 1999, and provides a well rounded program that provides spiritual, professional and personal growth for local women.
Edna Vandiver
Many women who enter the program have had difficult lives, and are in need of a positive direction. This program provides classes and guidance on a variety of topics including money management, healthy relationships, interviewing, resume and computer skills in a Christian centered environment.
CWJC has a great success rate, with 90% of the graduates being employed or continuing on to trade school or college.
Courtney Ayala was a 2017 graduate, and now works as a administrative assistant at CWJC. In her words, she came to the program broken, scared and lost. Courtney received the care and skills she needed to put her life on a positive path, and is a success story on how people can change.
Courtney Ayala
The program is successful due to a variety of volunteers and donations. Volunteers teach classes, make meals, provide assistance with transportation, child care, the food pantry, clothing and basic needs. 
For more information, volunteer or donate, contact them at  830-895-3660 or click here.