Clint Morse introduced our guest speaker.
National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Paul Yura tracks weather patterns in his Central Texas-based office on Feb. 28, 2018. (Nexstar Photo/Wes Rapaport)
 Paul Yura
Warning Coordination Meteorologist at National Weather Service.
Paul said he started at University of Texas but then had to finish up at Oklahoma University.
Paul says he is a UT fan thru & thru.
Paul opened with the power of Weather                     This map shows different areas of Weather Service offices.
 This is the map of the 33 counties in Paul's area.  This shows the Billion dollar weather Disasters. Texas leads
These are hazards of storms                                             Lighting facts only 20 people killed in 2019.
Trees are not safe                                                             Does this mean men are greater risk takers?
Fatalities from flooding per county                                   Coming off the hills makes Flash Flood Alley
Hail can damage                                                                Turn around don't drown.
Most of the drowning deaths are local people that get in a hurry.
Down drafts                                                                         How down drafts work
Kerrville Damage                                                            1985 down draft accident 
Tornado types.                                                                   Tornados happen from Central US to east coast
Data from Weather balloons. Only three cities                           Different equipment used for weather prediction
used to launch balloons Del Rio, Corpus Christi
and Dallas
We get a lot of weather from instruments on planes        More data
With the Covid there has been a 75% drop in traffic making it more difficult to predict weather.
Ways to keep informed                                                         A Forecast
Paul said any questions your can call or email him.
Paul presented a great program that we got a lot out of.