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Rebecca Peterson Administrator of Hill Country Quilt Guild
She was a guest and told us about the Guild.
Hill Country Quilt Guild
The Hill Country Quilt Guild is a 501C 3 charity, based in Kerrville, Texas. We Support quilting education and fiber based charitable donations for our community.
 On January 1, 2020 we were an organization of 241 strong. So far, we have lost over 100 members to health concerns and the pandemic.  This huge drop in women-power, we were still able to donated 278 quilts to the community in 2021. We also donated 125 hand made Christmas stockings to the Hill Country Youth Ranch along with 113 adult shirt protectors for the Alamo Hospice.
Our guild is the nationally licensed Quilts for VALOR RESOURCE for Kerr County. During 2012, we draped 27 veterans with newly created quilts.
The Hill Country Quilt Guild is a diverse group of women including nurses, educators, professionals, construction managers and military veterans. One member is currently completing her bachelor’s degree and another has recently graced the stage at the Cailloux and The Point theater. By the way, watch for the production of “Blyth Spirt”.
We  our donations come from a simi annual quit show. We invite you to experience “Alonge the Silk Road”, a fantasy of the sights a d sounds experienced by the explores and merchants who traveled the earth’s longest active trade routes.
Our show is February 18-19 at the Hill Country Youth Event Center (Happy State Bank Expo). Please join us..
Thank You!
Hill Country Youth Guild