Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly provided updates on our county last Wednesday. Rob has been the judge since 2018, and is running unopposed for another term. Here are a few of the highlights he spoke about at our meeting:
Five candidates are running for the Precinct 2 commissioner position.
The county accepted  10.2 million from the American Rescue Plan of 2021. Half of it is in the county's hands now, and the county has until 2024 to commit to using the funds. They will need to be spent by the end of 2026.
Kerr County is contemplating a Bond Issue for capital improvements. A committee toured county facilities, and received input to determine what the funds should be used for. The plans include a new West Kerr County Annex to be built in Ingram, a courthouse annex on Earl Garrett, a new Animal Services Facility, a new Storage facility for County records,  upgrades to the Hill Country Youth Complex, and other projects. The approximate value of the bond will be announced soon.
Growth is a hot topic of discussion in Kerr County. Domestic water and sanitary sewer / septic facilities are being discussed, both for individual projects and for long term availability of water and treatment of waste water in our area.
The Subdivision Rules for the county are being rewritten to comply with recent state level changes to subdivision requirements. These requirements, encouraged by the developer lobby,  provide a very short timetable to review final plats proposed by anyone who wants to develop their property. The preliminary plat process was eliminated, so when a developer submits the plat to the county for approval, it is usually the first time the county engineers have had a chance to review it. They can approve, disapprove or approve with comments, but only have one month to do so.