Clint Morse introduces our two guest  Laurie Rees and Phyllis Blair
Laurie started the program                   and Phyllis finished up.
This mentoring program started 30 years ago. They have volunteers that have been in program for 29 years. Its rewarding for the mentor. This is not tourting but just being a friend and advisor. Its asking questions to let the child see things in a different light. One child told a mentor about having nightmares. Mentor ask when does family watch TV? He said on Friday nights and it always scary movies. The mentor ask student if they would mind if he went to his room during the movies. He said that would be ok and he no longer has nightmares.
Mentors incourage students. They really like being incouraged.
The above link tells a bit more about program.
Contact Laurie Rees on the Daniels campus at 257-2233 or email her at
When ask how many mentors are needed Phyllis they have 60 mentors and over 200 students.