Carol Holmes introduces our own Kristi Vandenburg District Governor
Kristi started out by saying she was more nervous about speaking at this club than anywhere else she has spoke. Her vision statement is Serve to Change Life.
25 years ago there we 1.2 million people in Rotary and today there about 1.2 million people in Rotary. And 1.3 million people joined Rotary during that 25 years. Where are they going? Right out the back door. If they don't find something they are passionate about they leave. Our job is get new members involved in something they enjoy doing.
As a District Governor you get invited to international conventions. Hamburg, Germany was 2019 and it was virtual, 2020 was in Hawaii and it was virtual, this year its in Houston.
She said we all need to bring someone to Rotary. Bring one Loose none!
30% of all Rotarians are over 70.  We need to get the mid 50's folks to Rotary.
She want to try to end Human Trafficking. Wants to get all the 55 clubs in the district on the same page. Of the 313,000 people trafficked 1/3 are for sex and 2/3 are for labor.
She ask folks to buy chances to win a wheel barrel full of Wine & Booze. 14 folks paid for $200 worth of tickets and 11 folks paid for $100 worth of tickets. Jimmy & Asley will help collect the Wine & Booze along with money.