Charlie McIlvain ended his year as president, and gave us a summary of the great things our Rotary club accomplished.
George Eychner provided the song in appreciation of Charlie's leadership.
Here's some of the highlights:
The Ace of Spades fund raiser was a success, with Tom Terrell heading this up.
Cell phones for soldiers collected 166 phones. Thank you to David Jones.
Polio Plus raised over $12,000.00 towards the goal of eradicating polio. Thank you to Amanda Taylor and all who organized and donated.
Thank you to Tom Hamilton for his continued giving and commitment to the Rotary Foundation.
The bell ringing for the Salvation Army raised a significant amount of money for their programs.
Doug Whinnery helped secure district grants to benefit local projects.
The Blue Santa program was a success again, and a big thank you is in order to Phyllis Ricks and Stephanie Skrumeda.
Our club donated to several local food banks.
A $5,000.00 gift was made to the Hill Country Youth Orchestra, for purchase of instruments. This was made possible by a district grant. Thank you to George Eychner for coordinating this.
The quarterly trash pick up was a success, and thank you to Todd Odom for organizing.
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) was a success, and thanks go to Paul Anderson.
The Golf Tournament fund raiser for training and education for First Responders was recently completed. Thank you to Jeff Harris, Jeff Wendling and Robin Miears for organizing.
Our main fund raiser, Superball, raised $57,000.00 for our many programs and scholarships. Thank you to Tammy Prout, Stephanie Skrumeda and all who participated.
The First Responders recognition luncheon was well received, and a big thank you goes to Jeff Wendling.
Our club participated in Habitat House building.
The Labor Day Walk a Fun had a good turn out, and thanks go to Kristie Vandenberg and many who helped.
The Veterans Breakfast was a success, and thank yous are in order for Donna Peterson and others who helped out this year.
Our Club sponsored a Chamber Luncheon, and eighteen members gave presentations about Rotary.
The Spoke Newsletter helps keep members informed, thanks to Jimmy Hutto and his crew.
Doug Lidiak heads up the Sargent at Arms committee each year.
Gerald Irion heads up the technology portion of the club meetings, so thank you Gerald.
And finally, our club received a Rotary Citation as "Best in District".  A huge thanks goes to President Charlie for all his great work and leadership in this challenging year!