Clint Morse introduces guest Hunter & Rebecca Schmidt
Hunter says he meet his wife Rebecca while both were in US Marines.
This house was the third historic house they tried to purchase. When they first looked at it the price was too high for their budget. When the price was lowered they did purchase. Schreiner Mansion built in the 1920's - Very private & flat usable 10 acres. 
Built by Adams & Adams. Other buildings this firm built around the state.
Other homes built by Adams & Adams
The sellers of the property had all the documents that pertained to building the house
Envelops from 20's                                   This is a letter written in 1927 saying the walls leak.
We were informed they still leak.
Blue prints and and Elevation view of the front of the house.
All Lights, fixtures, floors, walls, tiles, windows, fireplace and faucets are original. It was noted the faucets all leaked. Windows are single pane.
They know they will have to replace items as needed. 
Of the 10 acres two along Harper rode are spoken for, They will keep 4 acres for house and out buildings, with another 4 acres for 11 or so houses to be built. The first house should be completed in 4 months