Marta introduces our guest.
Donald SFrazier is the Director of The Texas Center at Schreiner University in Kerrville,
Don is really motivated to teach all Texans about all aspects of Texas.
His Texas History courses for the general public can be found at He is the award-winning author of books on the American Civil War, Texas History, Military History, and the US-Mexican Borderlands.

Don wants to look into Texas past, Present and then plan for the Future. 
1 Determine how Texas works, Business, Jobs and Technology.
2 Learn about Music, Art & Recreation in Texas.
3 History and culture and instead of teaching 80 kids in a class he now has 26 million folks, of all of Texas.
STATE HOUSE PRESS moved to its new location, The Texas Center at Schreiner University, this summer. It was formerly located in Austin and Abilene. The publishing imprint of The McWhiney History Education Group, State House Press is part of the Texas Book Consortium led by Texas A&M University Press and its books are available wherever books are sold.
With all these additions Studio, Podcast, and Multimedia The Center can get the message out to everyone.
Don used the term weaponize to denote that they have all the tools to get the message to the public.
Don wants to get 300 folks committed to support the Texas Center. Sort of like the original 300 folks Austin signed up tp come settle Texas.