Posted by Jimmy Hutto on Jul 23, 2019
 John Gambini owner and operator of the Olive Grove was our guest.
He started the company in 2008 and got plants planted in 2009. They have won many gold metal awards with their olive oil.
 Historians have discovered containers with oil that were 10,000 years old. Also 8,000 years ago, people had trees and harvesting olives.
 Olive oil is good for heart disease and diabetes.
 Spain has the most trees somewhere close to 350 million as compared to the 1.5 million trees in Texas. John said that California has been growing olive trees for 300 years where as Texas only stated the industry in 1986. 60% of the world production of olive oil comes from Spain & Italy. It was noted that olive trees will not grow in just any soil. Also the tree will die if exposed to 15 degree temperature for two nights in a row. John said he gives tours of there olive business and plans on having customers pick olives in the future. They also have  a Bistro there is you need a bit to eat. Its just north of Dripping Springs
Link to John's place